Projection of the political map of 2012 on Pangea by Massimo Pietrobon

Projection of the political map of 2012 on Pangea by Massimo Pietrobon. I’m from right there…and there….and there…

Yesterday Unhinged is put together by myself, Aaron Malone. I was born and raised in Northern California on the edges of the Bay Area. I spent a year or so in Mexico before moving to Barcelona. After 4 years on the Mediterranean Coast I fell in love and moved onto Melbourne (Australia, not Florida). Travel, music and language are among my interests and my wife and I have just welcomed our first child. You’ll find my writing will be influenced by the places I’ve lived, the languages I speak and my interests. This will inevitably lead to a eurocentric slant as I’ve lived in Western countries, speaking Western languages most of my life. It’s one person’s view of what is interesting and that’s a pretty narrow view.

That’s where you come in. I’d love to have some input from other people. If you’d like to write a post (or ten), give some ideas for posts or have any other way you’d like to contribute, please feel free. The more minds you have working on a project like this, the greater it will become. There is a minimum standard being set by myself, and that bar is pretty low. If you’d like to contribute, you can reach me with a comment or, preferably, at the site’s e-mail I’ll write anyone back…really…I’m just a history nerd whose lonely.

Thanks for your time,


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  1. I’ve always been interested in the Basque people, but never confident enough to write about them. Also refresh my memory, which part of Spain is gaining its independence or am I thinking of somewhere else ?

  2. No part of Spain is gaining independence any time soon, though both the Basque Country and Catunya have significant portions if their populations would love to see it happen. Scotland is up for a vote on independence from Britain, however.
    As for the Basque people, I’ll try to find a topic to write about. There was an ancient tree that the Spanish government would make an oath under to guarantee Basque rights to maintain their identity. That’s a possibility.

  3. Scotland !!!! Cheers.

  4. Jenny says:

    Since you’re Down Under, how about something on the exploration of Australia? Years back I read a novel titled “Voss” by Patrick White that gave a fictionalized account of some of that exploring. It was fascinating.

    • There’s definitely some good material to cover. I’m not from here originally, so I don’t have the wealth of knowledge that comes with living in a place your entire life. Regardless, there are some good tales that I plan on covering. Thanks.

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