A Bologna marriage by or Nicolo da Bologna, 1350's.

A Bologna marriage by or Nicolo da Bologna, 1350’s.

Hi everyone. I want to thank people for their support here on the site. I’m writing this post to make a couple of announcements and give a general state of the blog update. The blog has been around for about two months now, and there was really no rhyme or reason to it.

Firstly, I’d like to announce a post schedule. Since the blogs inception, things have simply gone up when they were finished. Now they will have a schedule. Tuesday will be my light series, Thursday the Fab Five Series and Sunday will be the long, researched post. All times are Australian, so they’ll be a day earlier if you live in the US or in Europe.

The light series, for lack of a better word are my version of fluff pieces. The current War Paint series is one of them. They’re posts that I put less research into and will often be visual, with a few paragraphs explaining the image.

The Fab Five Series, if you’re not aware, is explained in detail here. Basically, guests write up their five favorite historical figures. If you’re interested in making a guest appearance, click that link and all will be revealed.

The long posts are self-explanatory, really, and consist of most of the work on this site to date. Now they’ll be done once a week.

You may see some other stuff scattered during the week, when time permits. I’m also going to begin re-blogging some of the rest of the world’s great work, so there will be more content.

Brain Boru sculpture outside Chapel Royal outside Dublin Castle. Photo by  Marshallhenrie, via Wikimedia Commons.

Brain Boru sculpture outside Chapel Royal outside Dublin Castle. Photo by Marshallhenrie, via Wikimedia Commons.

1014: The New Series

This brings me to my next point. I’m announcing a new series called 1014. It’s basically going to be looking at life in 1014. With the upcoming centennial of World War I and the impending bombardment of content regarding The Great War, I realized that I’ve never lived through a centennial, or any major anniversary for that matter. 1914 will be covered in great detail, but what the hell happened in 1014?

There is little actual detail to a timeline of events. I will post on the anniversary of the few events with recorded dates. There are some notable deaths and some notable battles. I’ll also be posting on the general state of the world. Some empires and characters you may not have heard of were big players in the world. You’ll basically have a Meet X (ruler), or The Battle of Y or the Z Empire posts, along with the timeline of the year.


Quincy, my son, a berzerker, able to change into a were-bear at will.

Anyone who has any particular knowledge or any area of expertise that may be relevant (whether it’s specifically about 1014 or just that period in general) and would like to share it, that would be great. Anyone who would like to write a guest post for the series is welcome. I guess I’m trying to say that any help will be appreciated.

I’m also going to expand the sidebar, including links to all of the series that the site will run. Hopefully it will create an endless loop, trapping you on the site.

Finally, I’d like to put up a picture of my little boy, Quincy. I’m assuming it’ll garner a few likes. He’s also the reason why I can’t post six times a week.

Thanks everyone for your continued patronage. If you like what you see, share it. Tell a friend. Get the word out.

– Aaron –


4 thoughts on “Announcements!

  1. Ste J says:

    Cute kid! Loads to look forward to here and a timely reminder for the Fab Five…I have commenced with one of my five..I will make sure you have the completed article soon.

    • Thanks. I like the kid, too. Can’t wait to see your five. You’re one of the most well-read people I “know”.

      • Ste J says:

        I hope I am not being to long in the writing of my bit…I have most of my line up chosen so need to get down to the actual writing, although i did write one amusing bit that had me laughing…with my sense of humour though, I may delete that so you keep your readers. i am going to read even more books this year because like a beauty queen I like to keep my title…and am also very good at the bathing suit rounds…maybe.

      • Take as long as you need. I’ve got enough to get me into March. You’ve got to leave in the funny bit. There’s far too little humor in my blog.

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